Who We Are


We in The Abiding Church of God are a group bonded together to continue in the same Truths of God from which we were called out of the world.

God’s Church is to be abiding or patiently-waiting upon Christ (Luke 21:19) while yearning to be found so doing at His return (Luke 12:43).

God’s Church understands that we are kept in His name (John 17:11) not the name of any man or organization of men.

God’s Church understands that we receive His Spirit because of our obedience (Acts 5:32) and that we remain His is making full use of His Spirit within us (Rom. 8:14).

God’s Church understands that we are ourselves purchased (Acts 20:28) and not purchasing salvation. Furthermore we understand that any who teach salvation can be purchased through the acts of men are turning the grace of God into a license to sin (Jude 4). If salvation can be purchased by works then this denies the need for God the Father to have given His Son, Jesus Christ as payment.

God’s Church understands that God begins working with base individuals and grows these into His sons so as to confound those who believe they naturally come from greatness (I Cor. 1:25-31).

God’s Church understands that they are those who have been called out of this world. There is only one true Church. It is not an organization established and operated by men but a spiritual embryo growing within a collective body to be born into the Kingdom of God, at Christ’s return.

The Body of Christ, as is explained in I Corinthians 12 is a unified group of believers working together to accomplish the tasks God has commissioned. It is not a group of believers within an organization that has multiple private doctrines each disagreeing with their respective headquarters about various doctrines––believing that they individually have a better understanding than the Church’s foundation and/or Cornerstone (Eph. 2:20).   Doctrinal purity is paramount for God to grow His Church and when doctrinal unity wanes so does the providential manifest destiny of any person or group.   Therefore we do not believe that God’s Body is self-severing and or dis-members itself because of false accusations or petty offences based on pride.

God’s Church does not practice proselytizing (Matt. 23:15) or poach members of other organizations; nor do we see ourselves in competition with others who have God’s Spirit. While we may not agree doctrinally with other Church of God groups who change their positions based on societal sentiment or current leadership, we do not compete with them. If God is for them…(Acts 5:39). As we yield ourselves to God and His way He will further His message (Romans 8:31). We believe that in relating to other ‘Church of God’ groups it is imperative that God’s Church practice and teach the give-way of life rather than the get-way or self-seeking and self-serving ways.

God’s Church knows who are His based on their fruits (Matt. 7:15-20).